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Linux course for beginners is for those who don’t know anything about Linux and want to start learning, this series has been made to tutor you from scratch in a way you will easily understand everything about Linux

!!!Tekneed Welcomes You To The Learn Linux From Scratch Series!!!

This series is also for those who are already exposed to Linux but left it for a while and want to revise to grasp Linux again

Please feel free to always ask questions in the comment section in the course of this study, we will be happy to help you. Sometimes, we set a zoom session to help you with for free.

You can also always watch the Tutorial Videos at the end of each lesson to augment your learning. You can as well drop your questions or suggestions in the video comment section

This series is also necessary for those who will want to advance their skills on

Red Hat Enterprise Linux or write the RHCSA examination (Click Here)

Ubuntu Linux (Click Here)

SUSE Linux (Click Here), and

LFCSA (For those who want to write the LFCSA examination) (Click Here)

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What Is Linux? (History Of Linux)

Lab Setup Part 1 (Installing Virtual Machine)

Lab Setup Part 2 (Installing A Linux System)

Connecting To a Linux Server Via SSH

Linux Filesystem Structure

Basic Linux Commands – Creating Directories In Linux

Basic Linux Commands – Copying and Moving Files In Linux

Using Text Editors In Linux – vi /vim

Using Wildcard In Linux (Globbing)

Basic File Management Tools In Linux

Piping and I/O Redirection In Linux

Archiving and Compressing Files In Linux

How To Use man In Linux

Congratulations On Course/Series Completion

Linux Course For Beginners (Learn Linux From Scratch) Tutorial Video Playlist

Linux course for beginners

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