You Have Completed The Learn Linux From Scratch Series

Tekneed congratulates you on the completion of the “Learn Linux From Scratch Series” (Linux tutorial for beginners)

Now that you have completed this series, you are now ready to get advanced in your skills.

You can choose from the following courses/series to continue your skills with

1. RHCSA, 8 Series (Click Here)

(For those who want to become a Red Hat Linux Administrator or write the RHCSA examination)

2. Ubuntu Linux

(For those who want to master Ubuntu and become an Ubuntu Linux Administrator)

3. Suse Linux

(For those who want to become a suse Linux administrator or write the suse Linux examination)


(For those who want to write the LFCSA examination)

Just as we mentioned at the beginning of this course, when you master one Linux distribution, others become easy. They are basically the same except some few differences in techniques


Learn Linux From Scratch Tutorial Video Playlist

learn Linux from scratch

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