TekNeed is an emerging blog site that is designed to share tech knowledge explicitly. It is for the technical being, the starters who wish to embark on the Linux journey and partially for the non-technical being.

More importantly, it is designed to help in solving all kinds of Linux problems in the real IT world. Hence why we have strategically planned a way for tekneeders to fully take advantage of the site.

The structure of writing on this site, especially on the” Linux category” is divided into two sections.


This section is basically for the starters and the ones who don’t have a deep understanding or knowledge of the subject matter or the ones who wish to have more knowledge of the subject matter. It talks extensively on the scope of the study.


This section is assumed that you already have a rich understanding or knowledge of the subject matter. So, you may not want to read the first section, you can navigate straight away to this section. This section talks about the configuration and examples

This section is also useful for Administrators or Engineers that find themselves in a position where time is not on their side and they need to quickly fix a problem. They can easily scroll to this section to get the step by step configuration process.

To make searching easier in the advent where you need to quickly solve a problem, you can google, for example, “action time on how to create logical volume tekneed” OR “understanding the subject matter on how to create logical volume tekneed“.

The search button on the site can also be useful.

We have also made available article/tutorial videos at the end of almost every article. Click on the Video link to watch.

TekNeed won’t only write quality contents on Linux only, we will also share some opportunities on our site, e.g, Job opportunities, project opportunities, tutorial opportunities, etc.

If you can write rich content, and you are experienced in tech, we encourage you join us to build this community together and also enjoy the benefits of joining us.