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TekNeed is an emerging blog site that is designed to share tech knowledge explicitly. It is for the technical being, the starters who wish to embark on the Linux journey, and partially for the non-technical being.

More importantly, it is designed to help in solving all kinds of Linux problems in the real IT world. Hence why we have strategically planned a way for tekneeders to fully take advantage of the site with the kind of structure of writing on this site, especially on the “Linux category” which is divided into two sections.

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  • writing quality and unique content on Linux subjects.
  • sharing your knowledge on shortcuts or tricks in solving complex Linux problems
  • sharing Linux errors or error codes and troubleshooting steps on how you fixed the problem
  • reviewing any Linux software
  • sharing Linux interview questions and how you answered it correctly to secure a job
  • providing solutions to Linux problems
  • providing answers to Linux questions
  • sharing an idea or information on anything Linux
  • sharing Linux news or any Linux related News.

Benefits of becoming an author

  • Your write-ups will be published in your name and with your profile picture if you wish to use any. Hence, you take the credit. Alternatively, you will be paid and we take the credit.
  • You will have first-hand information on jobs or projects offer
  • You will have one advert spot here on tekneed and on our sister sites. (Terms and conditions apply. Send email to “” with the title “Special terms and conditions inquiry”)
  • Of course, writing will help you have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. It will also increase your writing skills as well.

Conditions Of Becoming An Author

  • Articles must contain not less than a thousand words.
  • You must not copy contents and images from other sites. plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will be taken seriously as an offense to this site. If we find out, all your involvement, whatsoever on our site will be null and void. Please do not plagiarize.
  • Following the point above, when you publish an article on this site, the article becomes the property of tekneed, of course, under your name as an author. You must not publish it else where, even on your site, but of course can share a link to your article in any of your social media or anywhere you wish.
  • Endeavor to always respond to readers’ comment.
  • Endeavor to write rich articles. poorly written articles will be rejected and not be published.
  • You must have at least six months’ experience, and at least one year experience to write on core Linux subjects.

How To Become An Author

send email to alongside with your bio for content review, For a first-timer, your profile will be created. For a faster process, indicate your interest in any of the comment section of any article after sending an email.


  • To reduce rejection, it is best to search for a scope of your article on this site by using the search button and make sure that such subject matter has not been written before on this site. you may also send an email to verify from us
  • If you have a rich article and don’t fall under the Linux category or any category whatsoever on this site after review, you will be notified, and if it fits into any of our sister websites, your article will be published on the site.

Send an email to if you have questions, suggestions and advise.

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