RHCSA 8 EX200 Exam Practice Question 7 (Managing Stratis In Linux)

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RHCSA 8 EX200 Exam Practice Question 7


create a stratis filesystem with the name, (tekneed_fs) from a pool (tekneed_pool) using the devices, (sdb) and (sdd). The filesystem should be mounted on (/data22) and must be persistent across reboot.

The question is based On managing layered storage with stratis In The RHCSA 8 Course on this website. If you have gone through this course, solving this wouldn’t be a problem.

RHCSA, 8 Course

Managing Layered Storage With Stratis In Linux

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1. Verify if stratisd and its utilities are installed, if not, install stratisd

[root@DRDEV1 ~]# rpm -q stratisd stratis-cli

2. Install stratisd and its utilities

[root@DRDEV1 ~]# yum install stratisd stratis-cli

Updating Subscription Management repositories.

3. Start and enable stratisd

[root@DRDEV1 ~]# systemctl enable --now stratisd

4. verify stratisd status, make sure it is started and enabled

[root@DRDEV1 ~]# systemctl status stratisd

● stratisd.service - Stratis daemon
   Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/stratisd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)

5. Verify if tekneed_pool exists. Though it should not because the question stated the devices to create the tekneed_pool with.

[root@DRDEV1 ~]# stratis pool list

6. Create a pool from sdb and sdd with the name, tekneed_pool.

[root@DRDEV1 ~]# stratis pool create tekneed_pool /dev/sdb /dev/sdd

7. Verify the pool

[root@DRDEV1 ~]# stratis pool list

Name                         Total Physical   Properties
tekneed_pool   5 GiB / 41.63 MiB / 4.96 GiB      ~Ca,~Cr
[root@DRDEV1 ~]# stratis blockdev list tekneed_pool

Pool Name      Device Node   Physical Size   Tier
tekneed_pool   /dev/sdb              2 GiB   Data
tekneed_pool   /dev/sdd              3 GiB   Data

8. create tekneed_fs stratis filesystem.

[root@DRDEV1 ~]# stratis filesystem create tekneed_pool tekneed_fs

9. Verify the filesystem.

[root@DRDEV1 ~]# stratis filesystem list

Pool Name      Name         Used      Created             Device                             UUID
tekneed_pool   tekneed_fs   546 MiB   Nov 16 2020 20:45   /stratis/tekneed_pool/tekneed_fs   8bd747496c5a4d25bc1dc033d60663e4
[root@DRDEV1 ~]#

10. Create a mount point and mount the filesystem.

[root@DRDEV1 ~]# mkdir /data22
[root@DRDEV1 ~]# mount /stratis/tekneed_pool/tekneed_fs /data22

11. Verify

[root@DRDEV1 ~]# df -h |grep data22

/dev/mapper/stratis-1-4edc930e626e4f30b7a4cfb0effbbaaa-thin-fs-8bd747496c5a4d25bc1dc033d60663e4  1.0T  7.2G 1017G   1% /data22

12. get the filesystem UUID and edit the fstab file.

[root@DRDEV1 ~]# blkid -p /stratis/tekneed_pool/tekneed_fs

/stratis/tekneed_pool/tekneed_fs: UUID="8bd74749-6c5a-4d25-bc1d-c033d60663e4" TYPE="xfs" USAGE="filesystem"
[root@DRDEV1 ~]# vim /etc/fstab
UUID=8bd74749-6c5a-4d25-bc1d-c033d60663e4 /data22    xfs    defaults,x-systemd.requires=stratisd.service 0 0
RHCSA 8 EX200 exam practice question 7

13. Do “mount -a” to verify the filesystem rightly mounted

[root@DRDEV1 ~]# mount -a

14. You may restart your system.

Solution Summary

rpm -q stratisd stratis-cli

yum install stratisd stratis-cli

systemctl enable –now stratisd

systemctl status stratisd

stratis pool list

stratis pool create tekneed_pool /dev/sdb /dev/sdd

stratis pool list

stratis blockdev list tekneed_pool

stratis filesystem create tekneed_pool tekneed_fs

stratis filesystem list

mkdir /data22

mount /stratis/tekneed_pool/tekneed_fs /data22

df -h |grep data22

vim /etc/fstab

blkid -p /stratis/tekneed_pool/tekneed_fs

mount -a

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