1. Hey there, It looks like your practice questions are password protected. Is there any way I could get access to the practice? I have been preparing but need more hands on experience to ensure success. Thanks so much

    • Hi Robby, We are still working on it. As soon as we are done updating, you will be able to see it. Thanks for your patience.

    • Hello Muhammad, we are still working on the completion of the videos just as we have done for questions 1-6. You will be able to view the other questions & answers when we are done. However, we release one question per week for now. We will increase our pace as time goes on. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClyZ0wcj1S0sPXpZaUIuDnA) so that you can always get notified when the questions are released. You will also get notified on the recent happenings concerning the RHCSA exam. We will soon release the tutorial videos & practice questions on “container” which Red Hat has just added to the RHCSA 8 objective and will take effect on 1st of October, 2020. Don’t forget to turn on the notification button. Thanks for understanding.

    • If you use our premium practice questions, we will guide you on how to pass the exam. That is what I can guaranty you.

  2. Step 8, Question 9

    if you could please clarify some things on Step 8, Question 9:

    8. Extract the content of /tmp/image/containers.tgz to ~/storage/html
    [student@DRDEV1 ~]$ tar xfv /tmp/image/containers.tgz -C /home/student/storage/html/

    The above describes how you extracted the contents of /tmp/image/containers.tgz into the other directory, but how was the extracted content created in the first place. If you could please show us how the break-down goes for creating that content that was supposed to go under the /tmp directory, so I would be able to extract it. Thank you.

    • The content of /tmp/image/containers.tgz needs to be extracted. However, it is assumed that the file, containers.tgz already exists. You won’t be the one to create this file in the exam.

      If you want to create this file in your lab, follow the steps below

      1. mkdir /tmp/image

      2. vim /tmp/image/containers
      input the file content (This is a web file for your container images on storage)

      3. cd /tmp/image/

      4. tar cfvz containers.tgz containers

      • ok so if we do not create the contents.
        Where is this at
        input the file content (This is a web file for your container images on storage

  3. Hello there!

    for i in $(seq 20 40 60); do (crontab -l; echo “* * * * * sleep $i; /bin/echo hello”) | crontab -; done

    should be:

    for i in $(seq 20 20 60); do (crontab -l; echo “* * * * * sleep $i; /bin/echo hello”) | crontab -; done

    in fact:

    [16:25:35 student@rhel83: ~ ]$ seq 20 20 60

    Please fix your pdf

  4. I got error trying to install VDO: bash:vdo command unknown/command not found. I also could not dnf or yum install vdo or kmod-kvdo. Got same error trying to install stratisd.

  5. Hello, I saw neew question on the form. It was:
    1.Prepare script that will list file size between 150k to 250k.
    2.Create a script to locate files under 10m

  6. i HAVE QUESTION FOR RHCSA 8 Exam Practice Question 50
    As the new system administrator in your organization, you just discovered that port 2019 has the wrong SELinux labelling.
    Delete the contexts associated with it.
    Also, on your firewall, allow port 2019/tcp for httpd service

    WHY are U adding ssh ?
    semanage port -d -t ssh_port_t -p tcp 2019
    is that suppose to be like this
    semanage port -a -t http_port_t -p tcp 2019

  7. Hi,
    I’m starting to practice with your questions and they are excellent.
    However, after Q11, its asking a password.
    please let me know how to proceed. Thanks

  8. Q: “Any files created in “/home/admins” should permit the group members to be able to read and write on the files.”
    My Question: Why we do not add a sticky bit. Able to read & write to that dir does not mean they can delete other’s files.

  9. these two commands fetches diff number of listings. Could you please specify why ?
    # journalctl -u sshd
    # journalctl _SYSTEMD_UNIT=”sshd.service”
    Appreciate your help.

  10. Question on Practice 32.I notice that the script given in the exercise was copies and pasted in the drop-in file.Will the copy function be available in an exam situation or one needs to type the script in?

  11. your solution of the exercise “RHCSA 8 exam practice question 37” it is wrong.
    In order to find the files owned by harry and copy these file to a catalog: /opt/dir you should do:

    find / -user harry -exec cp -rvp {} /opt/dir/ \;

    your proposed solution is:

    find / -user harry > /opt/dir/harry

    which will make a list of the files that belong to harry under the file /opt/dir/harry but it wont copy the files that belongs to the user harry

    • Thank you Francesco,

      Our Technical technical team will have a look at it and make the necessary adjustments. Thanks once more for your observation. Its highly welcomed.

  12. Hi,

    Can help with question 29;-

    -The group owner of the collaborative directory and its content, inclusive of the three files must be finance.

    Above question should we use chgrp -R /collaborative instead of chgrp -R /collaborative/income? If my understanding correct question specificly mention collaborative directory group owner should be finance. Thanks in advance.

  13. Question 9
    Make the data file that only the user owner and group owner and
    members can fully access.

    The proposed solution from test bank = mkdir /home/data
    Since the question mention create a data file should the solution be something like touch /home/data

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