RHCSA 9 Exam Practice Question 1 (Recovering Root Password In Linux)

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EX200/RHCSA 9 Exam Practice Question 1


The system administrator has just just been laid off, as the new system administrator, reset the root password of the HQDEV1 server to Password123

The question is based On resetting/recovering the root password in the RHCSA Course on this website. If you have gone through this course, solving this wouldn’t be a problem.

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Four different methods to reset root password in Linux

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There are different methods to solve this. During the course of the study, we saw four different methods which are

Method 1

Method 2

Method 3

Method 4

You can use any of the methods that you are most comfortable with. I will be using method 3

1. restart the server, interrupt the boot process and edit the kernel line by pressing the “e” key on your keyboard.

2. Edit the line that starts with Linux, at the end of the line, enter “init=/bin/bash” just as highlighted in yellow in the image below.

EX200/RHCSA 9 exam practice question 1

3. press ctrl+x so that the system can be booted into single user mode

4. remount the root file system as rw

# mount -o remount,rw /

5. change the root password to “Password123”

# passwd root

6. relabel SELinux context.

# touch /.autorelabel

7. Reboot the system and login with the new password

# exec /sbin/init

NB: You can also enter the command, “exit” twice to reboot instead of using the exec command.

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mount -o remount,rw /

passwd root

touch /.autorelabel

exec /sbin/init

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